INST326 HW02

Loops, Graphics, File IO, and Recursion

June 6, 2017

DUE: Tuesday, June 13

1 Debugging Assignment

See the Debugging [ipynb] [html] Jupyter notebook.

That notebook contains the assignment on finding various kinds of errors in a program.

At a high level, fix a program to draw an n-sided polygon using turtles.

2 Turtle Game Competition

See the Turtle Game [ipynb] [html] Jupyter notebook.

Using relatively simple functions, imbue a turtle with some strategy for searching for pieces of cake.

3 Turtle Tracing Assignment

See the TurtleTracer[ipynb] [html] Jupyter notebook.

Using what you have learned about for loops and file input/output, write a function for parsing a text file containing directions for a turtle cursor.

See the attached umd.trace, pacman.trace, and blinky.trace files for example traces.

4 Recursive Turtle Art

See the Turtle Art [ipynb] [html] Jupyter notebook.

Using recursion, draw fractals of the Koch star and a tree.

5 Submission

All submissions should be uploaded to ELMS subject to the instructions below.

Since all of this assignment is to be performed using Jupyter notebooks, you should only need to upload completed forms of the four *-Assignment.ipynb files to ELMS.